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Search is an application that searches files based on user specified criteria, executing specific actions on the files matching the criteria.
It is possible to specify the test to search, the pattern of the filename (that can include wildcards like * and ?), it is possible to specify a recursive search and if the search has to be casesensitive.

Project highlights

Release 0.3

This release includes the basic search tool implemented as Java application, including the following search criteria: file pattern, search string, start date, stop date; the following options are implemented: case sensitive, search in sub-folders

The release 0.3 provides the following features on the files that meet search criteria:

Release 1.0

The main release 1.0 will include extended features, t.b.d.

Software download

The program requires JRE 6 or later

Click here to download alfa release of the source and executable: search

How to run the tool

You can launch the program using one of the following methods: Java sources are included in the file search.jar. You can compile the program after having unpacked search.jar by executing the following command:

	javac -d . *.java
Screenshot of the search tool

Here is a screenshot from release 0.3:

Screenshot of the dialog used to define search criteria: